Pyramids True Purpose Discovered

Pyramids True Purpose Discovered

The only monument left in the original seven wonders of the world. This structure was created with impeccable mathematical precision and has a unique mysterious feet of construction and Engineering.

While many questions remain unanswered about the Great Pyramid of Giza, we still remain perplexed by the complexity and precision of this incredible ancient structure. How people managed to quarry and transport huge blocks of stone and incorporate them creating the pyramid is a mystery that no one has been able to properly explain. The fact that the Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree error is something mind-blogging.

Not only is the Great Pyramid one of the most accurately aligned structures on Earth, there are numerous other details about it that are even more incredible. We could easily agree with some researchers that the Great Pyramid was just a glorified tomb. But...

There's only one problem

The great pyramid has none of the characteristic of a tomb, including lack of extravagant artifacts, wall art, sealed entrances to confirm or even mummies themselves. However, it was built with unique materials. The same materials that are used today for electrical conductivity. These facts are leading researchers to believe that these pyramids had a far more useful purpose.

What was their true purpose?

The pyramid of Giza was not at all a tomb, but a power plant generating and transmitting electricity to civilizations surrounding it. Impossible ?

The facts

Given our current understanding of how early civilizations built their monuments, it would have taken no less than 20 years to build the tombs and this is assuming there was no less than 20 000 workers. To this day, historians can't exactly prove how or when they were built. This leads us to ask the following question: What kind of a resting place of the dead could be so important, that it would warrant such phenomenal effort and precise engineering? Naturally, we always make conclusions based on the assumption that ancient civilisation were more primitive than us. But...

What if Intellectual Evolution is not always Linear?

Can advanced technology be lost and discovered centuries later? Is it possible that ancient culture had knowledge of electrical power? To try and prove this, let look at another case of technology of power generation appears to been used then forgotten. We know Edison and Tesla brought electricity into use during the 20th century, yet in Iraq in 1934, three artifacts were found together, a ceramic pot, a tube of copper and a rod of iron, which when combined with a liquid acid can be used to generate an electrical charge. Known as the Baghdad Battery, these materials date back 2000 years.

Historians have long assumed that thousands of years ago there was no knowledge of this technology and that this archaeological find is merely a coincidence, even we've marveled over artifact with intricate gold plating which requires electricity to be created.

Here are some facts about the pyramid:

  • It contains angled channel that leads not only into the pyramid, but deep underground, what tomb needs a shaft to be directed into the earth?
  • The pyramids of Giza were once covered in white polished lime stone, the cuts on these reflective stones were angled perfectly to have a smooth flat appearance. This would have the giant pyramids brightly reflect the sunlight like a mirror and also make a perfect insulation inside the structure.
  • A large earthquake in 1303 disrupted the casing stones and they were removed to use on other structure. Today, what remains is the inner core of the pyramid. What was the purpose of the insulation? What is to keep the mummy warm ?
  • Dolomite was used on the inner surfaces. Dolomite is known to increase electrical conductivity directly relative to the amount of pressure exerted on it and thus creates more electrical current.
  • Next, lining the passage ways and underground tunnels is granite. Granite is slightly radio active. It also contains high amounts of cords crystal and metal, and it's a well known piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity is the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. Granite ionizes the air inside the pyramids, creating a chemical reaction which increases the conductivity of electricity. This can cause large currents to flow.
  • Another important material used to construct the pyramid is the mysterious mortar. Pyramids are one of the oldest standing wonders because of the super adhesive mortar made to fix the stones in place. The mortar used in the construction of these pyramids has been analyzed over and over again and still remain a mystery. Could there be another reason why they may have used such a material to withstand the pressure?

The Mysterious Room

In 1993, a mystious and inaccessible room was discovered after remaining hidden for thousands of years. Appearing to have been deliberately hidden by the structure engineers, the came to be called the "the kings chamber. Researchers used a remote camera to enter the chamber. Did they reveal a mummy? No, the camera found carefully crafted copper wires and more importantly there were instructions painted in symbols on to the floor, which appeared to show a clear wiring diagram.

Maybe a coincidence?

One may say the materials used to construct the pyramids are just coincidental, because am energy generator still requires a catalyst from another source. Perhaps, this explains why the pyramids are geographically located over a powerful natural generator. Water. These pyramids rise above limestone layers located underneath aquifers, and the spaces in between them are filled with great amounts of water, and these layers of rock are capable of transmitting energy upwards as they carry the underground water to the surface.

This means that the high-volume flow of water that passes through these underground cavities is capable of producing an electrical current; known as physio-electricity. Physio-electricity can be defined as ‘Electricity obtained from the natural physical movements with the help of certain harnessing devices can be termed as physio-electricity.

The chambers built within the Great Pyramid of Giza are considered as granite conductors implemented in the design, charged with ‘physio-electricity’. This means that given the material and specific construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the electromagnetic field that forms at the very bottom of the Pyramid is transmitted towards the upper layers of the pyramid.

It is believed that in the distant past, a device of excellent electric conductivity was located on the top of the pyramid, where today an empty space remains and was believed to be made from Gold. Gold could have created a conductive path for energy to be directed upwards – directing it high into the ionosphere

The pyramids Geographical location magnifies the electromagnetic forces on the planet, where Telluric currents are at their strongest. Electromagnetic field at the bottom of the pyramid would rise to the upper layers. Interestingly, traces of this long-lost ancient technology were rediscovered in the 1900’s by the great Nikola Tesla.

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