The goal of incident management is getting everything back to normal operation as soon as possible after an incident.

When incidents are managed in a thoughtful, forward-looking way, not only is the resolution process smoother and more thorough; future incident management can benefit as well from lesson learned.

Incident Reporter records incidents, classifies them depending on their urgency and impact, assignes the incident to the appropriate responding personnel and manages the indent through resolution and reporting once it has been resolved.

Incidents may be reported in different way, for example, end users may report incidents through self-service portal, filling in applicable input fields about the nature of the incident.

The following steps are involved in Incident Management Process:

  • Incident diagnosis
  • Incident escalation
  • Incident investigation
  • Incident resolution and recovery
  • Incident resolution closure

Benefits are:

  • Meeting requirements for service availability
  • Higher efficiency and productivity throughout the organization
  • Better end user satisfaction
  • Documentation of IT service management value to the enterprise

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